We’re Thinking About Buying A Family Home In Seffner

So, my husband and I are currently seriously thinking about buying a family home in Seffner. We have wanted to relocate to Florida for many years, but only recently have we both been able to sort out our careers to make such a move a real possibility. Does anyone know any reasons not to move to Seffner? The key pulling factor drawing us to the area is the 20-minute commute to downtown Tampa.

We don’t have any children, so the reputation of local public schools does not concern us too greatly. We did hear from a family friend the other day, however, that the public schools in the area are all pretty good and teachers rarely have to cope with extremely large class size. Indeed, I researched the student to teacher ratio on Wikipedia last week and I think it is something like 14 to 1. That sounds awesome to me, as I currently hold a teaching qualification and might like to start some part-time work in the education field next year. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to deal with class sizes pushing 40 students is very appealing.

The general rural characteristics of the landscape in Seffner is another factor that is drawing us to the area. The abundance of towering oak trees, natural lakes and strawberry farms is very idyllic. I’m very much interested in attending this year’s Florida Strawberry Festival, even if we decide not to move to the area.

After checking out some facts and stats about Seffner, we have discovered that the cost of living is around 5% lower than the national average, which is pretty good. However, the high violent crime rates in surrounding neighborhoods are pretty concerning. In addition, it appears that residential properties have been depreciating in value for the last ten years. That is concerning, to say the least, but maybe it’s an indicator that now is the perfect time to buy?

Anyway, we plan to meet with a reputable realtor next week to get some more information about family homes in the area that match our criteria. Ideally, we are looking for a 5-bedroomed property, as during the winter holiday season we generally have to accommodate several members of our extended families. The bedrooms don’t have to be particularly large. In addition, we are looking for a property with some secluded outdoor space, as we enjoy hosting garden parties.